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The New Approach: For Young Actors

Professional Film & Television Training
For Children & Teens Serious About A Career In Acting




Private Acting Coaching or Group Classes Available

Private Lessons – Based On Your Schedule & Availability

Group Classes – Sessions Vary

  • Geared for professional young actors currently working at a career in Hollywood

  • Unique training based on years of coaching actors

  • Coursework personalized for each student

  • No cookie-cutter acting class exercises

  • Unmatched personal one-on-one attention

You care about your child’s career – shouldn’t you feel like
you have an acting coach that does as well?

Ask about our FREE session - first session/interview to audition, discuss career, and go over goals for training - No cost just to try it out!



If you're a parent of a working actor or you represent a young actor - ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your child booked work on film or TV, but they need more training to continue their career?
  • Have your kids or clients been going out on auditions, but are not booking any jobs lately?
  • Does your young actor need a place to study with other working professionals to hone their craft?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then check out The New Approach: For Young Actors - our successful acting training program for children and teens who are actively working towards a career as professional actors. Registration for this course is on-going – auditions are necessary for acceptance.


There are a million acting programs out there for kids, so why study with us?
Because our class is geared for the child and teen actor who is serious about a career in film and television - and we're industry professionals who not only teach, but work in this business as casting directors and producers. At Studio C Artists, we have developed a proven technique. We bring the same successful level of training and our innovative approach to teaching acting to adults - and apply it to a format specifically suited to young actors.


All Prospective Students Must Audition To Meet Requirements.

Open to kids aged 8-16.


Click here for a printable flyer with more details.